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No.12 Acrylic Brush - Wooden Handle

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    The Maskscara Synthetic fibre acrylic brush provides the best quality and affordability. Great for beginners and the home DIY enthusiast. These Maskscara nail brushes are made of premium nylon hair with proper flexibility, which will offer you a smooth application and pleasurable working experience.

    • HOW DO I USE IT ?  The Maskscara Acrylic brushes are designed for use with acrylic products only.
    • NEW BRUSH CARE. When opening your brush please note that the bristles are coated with a protective sealant. GENTLY break the seal by rubbing the brush between your fingers. Using clean monomer dip the brush and allow to saturate for a few seconds, gently roll the bristles on clean paper towel to remove excess monomer. Your brush is now ready to use.
    • TIPS FOR BEST APPLICATION. DO NOT soak brushes in pure acetone. DO NOT use sharp tools to clean your brush. Always use the correct mix ratio, wet or dry mixtures will result is product build up on the nylon brush hairs.
    • TIPS FOR CLEANING YOUR BRUSH. When cleaning your brush we recommend a the use of cleanser, allowing your brush bristles to soak for 2 min. Wear a glove and use your finger to gently remove any product build-up.
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