Reseller Information

How do I become a reseller?

The Maskscara reseller initiative is open to all entrepreneurs.

Opportunities are limited and the appointment of new resellers is entirely at the discretion of the company. Our goal is to give all entrepreneurs a fair opportunity to succeed by not overcrowding areas with resellers.

How much does it cost for me to get started?

The start-up cost is a ONCE OFF License fee of R1,950.00 after which a monthly subscription fee of R500.00 is due within the first 3 days of every month to facilitate our automated online ordering process. If you own a retail outlet contact for preferential fees.

How do I join?

Please study the information below carefully. Once you are entirely satisfied please email your application to

Tell us a bit more about yourself

  • What Province do you live in?
  • What town do you live in?
  • How long have you lived at your current location?
  • Do you have a Facebook page?
  • Are you planning to do this full time or part time to earn additional income?
  • Do you have your own transport?
  • Do you have previous experience in the beauty industry?

How does the reseller program work?

The reseller initiative is a non-exclusive opportunity created for entrepreneurs to earn additional income or even make this opportunity a full-time career whilst enjoying something they love, whether it is the love for the beauty industry, interacting with customers or simply just selling products.

The main aim of the Maskscara reseller initiative is to make our products more accessible to clients by offering a local more personalised experience in the area they live in.

A large portion of our clients are home based salons and as such they are not able to visit our retail outlets during normal shopping hours as time is money. Home based salons would much rather prefer a one on one service where a local salesperson interacts with them on a more intimate basis, gets to know the customer’s business, the products they use and the customer’s general product requirements.  

Resellers can build up a client profile and market the goodies customers use on a regular basis and advise them of any specials running from time to time. Resellers are always the first to know about upcoming sales and specials.

Do I have to keep stock?

Yes. Resellers must keep stock of the items they plan to sell. Resellers are not allowed to Drop Ship i.e. Take orders online from customers and then place orders on Maskscara.

Do I need to sign any long-term contacts?

We offer Resellers a 1-year agreement which will be reviewed annually.

Are there any special terms to the agreement?

The terms of the reseller agreement is not complicated. By paying the joining fee and monthly reseller fees, resellers acknowledge that they have familiarized themselves with these terms and agree that Maskscara's rights thereto are strictly reserved. All remedies to rectify a breach of these terms are at the sole discretion of Maskscara. Monthly subscription fees must be paid within the first three working days of each new month. We DO NOT allow drop shipping, i.e. taking orders on behalf of clients and then placing the order on Maskscara. Resellers will purchase products from Maskscara and sell them to customers. It is the resellers responsibility to inspect all products received within 3 (three) working days of receiving the products. Should any items be missing or should defect be found the reseller must notify Maskscara within 24 hours of finding such a defect or any missing items. It is the responsibility of the reseller to exchange/refund customers for any products that the reseller ships to customers that are reported as missing and/or defective. Failure to remedy any reported defective/missing items in a shipment from the reseller to the client will result in automatic termination of the reseller agreement.

Is the license exclusive and what competition can I expect in my area?

The reseller license is offered on a Non-exclusive basis however we are appointing limited licenses per area as to give everybody a fair opportunity.

In your area you might have a Maskscara retail outlet which operates on normal retail hours and not extended hours like re-sellers are able to do.

How do I invoice my customers?

You can invoice your customers via manual invoice books or electronically via using a free online cloud service such as Wave invoicing.

Traditionally these free cloud services have limited features such as invoicing with no credit card options etc.

Resellers must use their own trading name and will not be allowed to use the Maskscara name on invoices.

Are there any rules regarding social media posting etc?

Yes. We have company guidelines as well as authorised images resellers are allowed to use. To view our social media policies simply click here   

Are there any operational rules and guidelines?

Yes. We have company operational guidelines which will be forwarded to you once your application is successful.

How does a reseller make money?

  • Once your reseller profile is activated on our online platform you will have instant access to the volume discounted pricing.
  • Resellers purchase products from head office at a discounted volume price structure.
  • Resellers will sell the products to customers at the Maskscara advertised pricing.
  • The reseller structure and discount volumes depend on the number/volume of items purchased but in most cases the reseller will receive a minimum discount varying from 10% on low cost items such as nail files etc up to 25% - 50% on our most popular products. Our system is based on volume pricing. Simply put the units you order of a specific item the better your discounts will be.

What happens if I choose to leave the program?

  • Should you wish to stop selling our products you can simply notify the company and we will remove your details from the reseller contact page.
  • Your profile will stay on our system and you will still be able to purchase our products, but obviously not at the discounted reseller pricing.

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