XTREME Rubber Builder Gel

Maskscara Xtreme Rubber Builder Gel

Meet our newest addition to our incredible builder gel range. The Maskscara XTREME RUBBER BUILDER Gel was developed using the latest rubber base gel technology giving you the strongest most durable builder gel in our line.
This thick viscosity UV/LED hard gel applies with ease and its buildable butter soft texture allows for effortless application allowing you to build to various thickness and length. It’s the perfect builder that can be used for everything from overlays, sculptures, fill and setting gem clusters. Thanks to advanced polymer technology adhesion is increased by 60% giving you strong light weight nails enhancements

UV & LED curable gel, proudly potted in South Africa. This easy to apply and remove product can last anything from two to four weeks when applied correctly. No expensive kits or minimum opening orders, chose what you want at your leisure.

Our Gel-iT Gel Ranges are Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and Solvent Free.

Please do take note that this product is heat and light sensitive and is therefore a non-refundable / non-returnable item as we cannot control where the customer has stored the item after purchase. We hence recommend that you store all gel products in a cool, dark, enclosed area.

Please ensure that you are not allergic to any of our product ingredients prior to use. If any symptoms of an allergic reaction occur, remove all products from the nails, discontinue use and seek medical assistance.


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