New Generation hybrid gel is a unique innovative nail enhancement system that gives you everything you love about Acrylic and Gel all in one easy to use formula. This means no gels running around cuticles and no acrylic polymerizing while trying to work it across the nail plate.

Infinity does not run, you control the placement, infinity does not polymerise giving you the ability to create perfect applications in your own time. Create beautiful nails with flexibility and clarity of a gel and the strength and durability of an acrylic system in one easy step.

With so many benefits Infinity Gel will make you change the way you do nails. You can now look forward working with product that is Virtually free of fine dust. Infinity is more durable than hard gel, lighter than acrylic, allows for unlimited work time and lets you create natural nail overlays, tip overlays or sculptures with ease!

Infinity has No Heat Spikes and is Odour Free.

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