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Nail Art Pom Pom Case - 2

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Product Description

Magnetic “It’s so fluffy” nail art Pom Poms

A fluffy glamourous nail art must have! Make a bold statement with these trendy detachable magnetic base mini nail pom poms. Easy to apply and easy to detach so you have the freedom to wear them as you wish.

Apply Maskscara Gem Bond or Maskscara nail glue to the desired area on the nail - DO NOT CURE.

Using your Maskscara Pickup tool, apply the base magnet to the centre of nails, make sure you have the magnet facing the correct way so that it attracts the pom pom and does not repel the pom pom magnet.

Cure the base magnet for 60 secs and apply your favourate Top Coat

Now apply your fluffy Pom Pom to the magnetic base. “It’s so fluffy”.

Remember to remove your pom pom when washing your hands and once you have dried your hands, simply reattach your magnetic pom pom.

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