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Gel & Art Brush Cleanser

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Product Description

Maintain and prolong the life of your gel and nail art brushes. The Maskscara brush cleaning gel does not contain any photo initiators (curing agents) and is specifically formulated to cleanse your gel and nail brushes by gently removing colour residue, pigment and debris without the use of harsh solvents that damage synthetic brush bristles.

Use the Brush Cleanser together with the Conditioner for best cleaning results. 
Always wear gloves during the brush cleaning process. 
Start by applying 2 drops of brush cleanser on a clean palette.
Gently pat your used gel brush in the first drop of brush cleanser.

Continue to gently move the brush around in the cleanser gel.
You will notice the color residue being transferred into the gel cleanser.
Use a clean lint free wipe and firmly wipe the cleanser off the bristles.
Add a second clean drop of Cleanser and repeat the cleaning process.
Use a clean lint free wipe and firmly wipe the cleanser off the bristles.
Apply a drop of brush conditioner to a clean palette
Pat your cleaned brush into the conditioner and shape the brush.
Use gentle back and forth brushing ensuring that all the bristles are in place and desired shape.
Store your cleaned brush by lying it flat and away from dust and direct UV light.
Store your brush cleanser and conditioner in an upright position.

Dark colours and glitters may need extra care and time during the cleaning process.
Please note these products are not meant to fix or restore extremely damaged or cured bristles.
Only recommended for cleaning GEL and Nail Art Brushes.
Not recommended for cleaning Acrylic Brushes!.

1 Tube
Net Weight: 21 G
Dimensions: 12.24 * 1.73 CM

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