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PRO-10 Bond

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Product Description

PRO-10 Bond.
The Maskscara low-odour, Methacrylic acid free primer is much safer than other acid formulations. Used to improve adhesion for long wearing product application. Pro10 Bond bonds is easy to apply and the air dry formula will not burn the natural nail or cuticles. Pro10 Bond works perfectly with all gel and acrylic nail systems.

  • HOW DO I USE IT ?  Push back cuticles. Gently buff the nail surface to remove the shine. Dust the surface to remove dust. Apply a coat of Maskscara Dehydr8 to the nails. Apply a coat of Maskscara Pro10 bond or 3XV vitamin enriched primer and proceed with desired product application requirement. Pro10 bond leaves a glossy grip surface once applied.
  • PRO TIP ?  Can be applied in two coats for maximum retention. DO NOT touch the surface once the Pro10 bond has been applied. This will ensure that the surface remains in optimum condition for product bonding.
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