Thin Clear UV Builder Gel - 50g


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Builder Gel UV 3in1 Thin: Is a thinner, runnier viscosity. Works great over tips, short nail
lengths and natural overlays.

Self-levelling gel, easy to apply and can be used by technicians of all levels
Can be removed only by filing
Lasts longer without chipping
Can be used over tips and forms

You will need the following products with your Maskscara Builder Gel system:
1. Dehydr8 (Dehydrator)
2. Pro10 bond
3. Maskscara Cleanser
4. Gel Brush
5. Lint Free Wipes
6. NON-Wipe Top Coat
7. Maskscara 80-Watt Curing Lamp

Store in a cool area away from UV light

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