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Solid Gel Palette - Bright

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Product Description

Manufactured using the latest gel chemistry science, Maskscara solid gel is a non-liquid formula with a soft creamy texture. This unique formulation offers the user ultimate control for easy application with a densely pigmented smooth finish with a result that is achievable in just one coat

Maskscara solid gels are available in 3 highly pigmented colour compacts that are perfect for traditional gel paints, ombre and nail art friendly applications. It is spill proof and great for mixing custom colours. 

Type: Solid Gel Palette
Quantity: 1 Pc
Size: 12cm * 6cm

12 colours in each palette

Prep nails as per Nail Prep application steps.  
Apply your favourite Maskscara Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds. 
Using a soft gel brush and scoop a small amount of solid gel from your pallet.  
Apply the solid gel to the nail using soft even painting brush strokes.
Cure solid gel for 60 seconds.
Seal your solid gel colour using Maskscara Non-Wipe Carbon Top Coat and cure for 60 sec. 

File the surface of the nail to break the Top Coat seal.  
Apply an acetone-soaked cotton wool ball to each nail and wrap with foil. Allow to soak for 10 min (do not open the foil as this will disrupt the soak off and prolong the removal). 
Remove the cotton balls and gently buff and excess product from the natural nail.
Apply your favourite Maskscara cuticle oil or proceed with a new application of colour

Do not scoop too much product at one time. Use small amounts for a controlled even application.  
Make sure you are using a high-powered LED/UV that is 54W or more to cure solid gel effectively. 
Solid Gel can be used in one even layer or multiple thin coats as per your personal application preference.
Keep product out of direct sunlight and heat.

NOTE : Slight air bubbles may occur on solid gel surface due to the manufacturing process. This will not affect the product quality or application.

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