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Angel Paper Pastel

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Product Description

Create beautiful nail art effects with our Maskscara Angel Paper kit. These reflective pearlescent sheets can be cut to your desired shape to add dazzling beauty to any nail art service. From shattered glass effects to an aurora colour flip, you can create them all using the Angel Paper Kit. Each kit contains 10 Translucent Iridescent Ribbons.

  • HOW DO I USE IT ?  The Angel Paper is super thin and easy to customize, cut or crinkle to create beautiful holographic effects. Angel Paper can be encapsulated using Maskscara Gel-it or builder gel systems as well as Maskscara Pro acrylic.
  • ACRYLIC METHOD.  Apply a thin coat of clear or your favorite colour acrylic to the nail surface. Apply Angel paper to the surface of the wet acrylic. Cover with a layer of clear acrylic to seal. Buff to smooth surface and seal with your favorite Maskscara Top Coat.
  • BUILDER GEL METHOD.  Angel Paper can be sealed between your Builder Gel layers. Prep your nails and apply one coat of builder gel and cure. Apply a second thin coat DO NOT cure! Cut you desired shape and apply Angel Paper to wet base coat. Now cure for 60 sec in LED lamp. Seal with third coat of builder gel and cure for 60 sec. Lightly buff to smooth and seal with your favourite Maskscara Top Coat.
  • GEL POLISH METHOD.  Prep your nails for a gel polish application. Once your colour has been applied, add a thin coat of Professional Base and DO NOT cure. Cut you desired shape and apply Angel paper to the wet base coat now cure for 60 sec. Apply 2 coats your favourite Maskscara Top coat to seal.
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