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Professional French Pink (Translucent) Acrylic Powder - 45g

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    Product Description

    A unique french pink acrylic powder, perfect for creating a natural overlay or an extreme extension. The cover tone masks nail plate imperfections and is perfect for nail bed extension for perfect French applications. 

    Maskscara Professional acrylics has been formulated by expert polymer chemists, our bubble-free polymers offer extraordinary clarity, is durable and provides long lasting wear with strong adhesion. This polymer system is ideal for experienced technicians as well as novice techs and provides ideal chemical stability in both cold and warmer climates.

    • HOW DO I USE IT ?  Prep your nails as instructed and pour a small amount of monomer into a dappen dish. Prep the brush by immersing it in the monomer to thoroughly wet the bristles and to remove trapped air bubbles. Once prepped wipe on a clean paper towel.
    • HOW TO CREATE  A BEAD ?  Dip the brush into the monomer and wipe off the excess liquid on the side of the dappen dish. Touch the tip of the brush onto the powder to create the desired bead size. Allow the monomer to saturate the powder. The bead should be medium size with a smooth, satin finish with a round shape.
    • HOW TO APPLY THE BEAD ?  Place the bead just above the centre of the nail plate. Avoid flooding the cuticle area with product. Tap the bead gently moving it along the cuticle being sure not to touch the skin. Feather the remaining acrylic toward the free edge and press the product to stroke down and smooth. Apply a 2nd bead of acrylic to the centre of the nail and continue with the application method until the entire nail is evenly covered and smooth
    • FINISHING STEPS.  Allow the acrylic to dry completely by allowing it to cure. File and shape the acrylic to the desired shape. Apply Maskscara Non-Wipe Carbon to seal or apply your favourite Maskscara Gelit colour as per application requirements. 
    • PRO TIP.  Use with Maskscara Monomer for the best results. Always work in a well-ventilated area to reduce inhalation of fumes and fine dust. Avoid getting product onto the skin and wash hands after every application to effectively remove product residue.
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