Pedi in a Box (4 Step) Olive Sensation

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Olive Sensation with Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin A and E which helps to repair and renew skin that has been overexposed to the sun.

4 Step Treatment
1. All natural Sea Salt Soak - Detoxify & Deodorize
2. Moisture Scrub - Exfoliate dead skin
3. Mud Masque - Cleanse & Tighten the pores
4. Massage Lotion - Hydrate & Soothe

    • The cleanest and most hygienic spa pedicure solution
    • Just for one customer. No worries of cross contamination
    • 100% Fresh Service Every Time.
    • Less Investment on a New Deluxe Pedicure Service.
    • Easy Cost Management. Know your cost per service
    • No more over usage of products.
    • Nice and Clean Display. No more stacking bulk products in a small area
    • Enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs. 100% Paraben and Triclosan Free.

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