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Pedi in a Box (Ultimate 6 Step) Aloe Aloe

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Product Description


For VIPs Only (Very Indulgent Pedicures)! Take self-care to the next level with our Aloe Aloe Pedi in a Box 6 Step. This all-in-one ultimate pedicure kit is infused with natural aloe vera extract that soothes and moisturizes skin, leaving it happily hydrated. Skin feeling dry and angry? Say aloe to fresh, hydrated skin with our Aloe Aloe Pedi in a Box 6 Step. Infused with aloe vera extract, this pedicure will soothe and cool stressed-out skin, giving it a refreshing pick-me-up. Plus, its clean and fresh scent invigorates the mood and creates a hint of chill


The Perfect Pedi For

DIY At-Home Pedicure

Self-Care Sunday

Post-Yoga Sesh

Relaxation Vibes


What’s Inside

Salt Soak – Detoxifies & deodorizes the feet

Sugar Scrub – Gently exfoliates dead skin

Mud Masque – Cleanses pores for smoother skin

Callus Remover – Softens to remove tough calluses

Massage Butter – Hydrates & soothes skin

Moisturizer – Shields against dryness 

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