Mani in a Box (3 Step) Green tea


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Green Tea With Natural Sugar Scrub
A Dip in Green Tea with Green Tea Extract. Green Tea is used to reduce dryness in skin and is known for quickly penetrating the epidermis. Along with hydration, green tea can also be used to detox the skin and fight free radical damage and promote overall skin health.

3 Step Mani-in-a-Box Includes:
  1. Step 1. Sugar Scrub - Excellent topical exfoliant
  2. Step 2. Mud Masque - Cleanses pores
  3. Step 3. Massage Lotion - Hydrate & Soothe
  • The cleanest and most hygienic spa manicure solution
  • Just for one customer. No worries of cross contamination
  • 100% Fresh Service Every Time.
  • Less Investment on a New Deluxe Manicure Service.
  • Easy Cost Management. Know your cost per service
  • No more over usage of products.
  • Nice and Clean Display. No more stacking bulk products in a small area
  • Enriched with key ingredients to give our hands and arms the nutrition it needs. 100% Paraben and Triclosan Free.

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