Facial Modeling Mask - 24 Karat Gold (1pcs)


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Voesh Facial Modeling Mask - 24 Karat Gold

Soothe – Nourish – Brighten – Tighten

The most advanced Professional Gel-Type modeling treatment, single serve to deliver multiple skin benefits in 30 minutes.

  • Modeling mask to reveal best skin instantly.
  • The newest trend in Korea, brought into the professional service.
  • Ultra-nourishing gel-type modeling mask for a party ready skin in minutes. 
  • Transforms from a gel-like substance to a thick rubbery mask that seals moisture deep within.
  • Made with real 24 Karat Gold, ginger and berry extracts to brighten and tighten skin.
  • No water needed.

Facial Modeling Mask Pack Includes:

  • Modeling Gel (1Pcs)
  • Collagen Powder (1Pcs)

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