Collagen Gloves with Peppermint Oil


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It’s a wrap on dry, tired skin with these intensive gloves infused with phyto collagen, peppermint oil and herb extract – the perfect regimen for hard-working hands! Hands in need of a refreshMINT? Get hands-on with soothing relief from our dual -layer intensive collagen gloves! These hand masks are cool. Like cooling sensation cool. That’s because they’re infused with peppermint oil that melts away pressure and tightness, plus it helps revitalize dull skin. They also include a collagen-rich emulsion to nourish extra dry skin in just 15 minutes. The result? Soothed, hydrated skin! Whether you’re prepping for a mani or in the mood for a mini pampering sesh, you’ll instantly go from blah to ‘Ahhh’

It's convenient, patented design features perforation at the fingertips to easily tear off for use of hands during wear or for manicure purposes

Perfect For

 Intensive hand care

Manicure prep/ Add on treatment

Netflix & chill

What’s Inside

Photo collagen rich emulsion - boosts skins elasticity, giving it firmness and bounce

Peppermint and herb extracts – soothes, repairs and relieves skin with a cooling sensation

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