3D Striping Tape Pack (30pcs)


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Product Application: Cut a strip off slightly bigger than that of the length that you want to use. Wipe away any tacky residue before applying the sticker to the nail. Place the strip on the nail bed and rub it gently for a couple of seconds Cut off the excess. Apply a UV top coat for longer lasting application Colours Included: Gold Gold Holo Rose Gold Rose Gold Holo Silver Silver Holo Bronze Bronze Holo Black Black Holo White Gunmetal Holo Antique Silver Silver with Colour Stripes Light Blue Metallic Light Blue Holo Royal Blue Metallic Royal Blue Holo Green Metallic Green Holo Red Metallic Red Holo Pink Metallic Pink Holo Fuchsia Metallic Fuchsia Holo Purple Metallic Purple Holo Lime Green Burnt Orange

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