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Fancy Fabulous - 002 (Purple Eyelash Kit Box)

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Product Description

Introducing the Maskscara Magnetic Lash kits giving you instant glam in minutes! Say goodbye to tricky applications and time-consuming salon appointments. 

Our magnetic lashes are easy to use, light weight and comfortable to wear. Each kit contains a selection of 5 vegan reusable 2D AND 3D mink lash styles allowing you to change your look at leisure. The 2 super grip smudge proof magnetic eyeliner pens contain ultra fine magnetic particles for easy lash application. A precision grip lash applicator is included for perfect placement without any fuss. Enjoy gorgeous eyelashes that are easy to use and comfortable to wear !

  • HOW DO I USE IT ?  
    • Apply a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes before applying the magnetic lashes.
    • Shake the eyeliner pen and apply the magnetic liner to the lash line on your eyelid.
    • Select the desired lash from the tray by using the lash grip applicator.
    • Measure the lash for length and if needed trim the lash to fit your eye size.
    • Gently shape the lash by bending the lash to your eye shape.
    • Carefully draw a line of eyeliner along your top eyelid shape making sure that the line is close to the roots of your real eyelashes .
    • Ensure that you extend the liner all the way to the end of the application area.
    • Using the Lash grip applicator or your fingers, place the lashes above your real eyelashes.
    • Gently press down at the lash base to secure the selected lash to your eyelids.
    • Gently adjust until the lashes is perfectly placed.
    • Now simply sit back, admire your handy work and enjoy the benefits of your easy to wear gorgeous lashes!
  • PRO TIP.  The inner corners of the lash can be trimmed for extra comfort. Apply the Magnetic Liner as close to the natural lashes as possible for best effect.
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