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Solid LED/UV Bond - French Pink 15g

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Product Description

Maskscara Solid Bond is an easy to use, non-sticky LED/UV curable adhesive that has been formulated to adhere all full cover/soft gels tips to the nail without any fuss. The super flex and maximum grip properties of the Solid UV bond helps prevent lifting during application by holding the tip in place and eliminating the need for flash curing.

  • HOW DO I USE IT ?  Prep nail according to nail preparation procedure. Scoop a small amount of Maskscara Solid UV bond using a small spatula or metal cuticle pusher. Roll into a ball and apply onto the nail surface and gently press down to slightly flatten. Apply the full cover tip by making contact at the cuticle area first and lay the tip down toward the free edge. Once secure, cure in your Maskscara LED lamp for 60 sec.
  • PRO TIP.  Maskscara UV/LED Bond can be used to set gem clusters. Avoid over handling of product and always store in a cool place.
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