Sun X5 Plus UV/LED Combo Lamp


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White 80 Watt UV/LED Combo Lamp, suited to cure LED & UV based gel products. The product has a detachable base and a life expectancy is 50,000 hours. This lamp works on a timer basis and timer display shows seconds counting down from time selected (10/ 30 / 60 Seconds) as well as a low heat setting which will count up and increase in light intensity as it cures, the light will turn off once the curing cycle has completed for this setting). This product includes sensor timer activation and is ideally suited for Professional Nail Technicians. 

Please note that this product holds a 7 day warranty from the date of purchase!

    All electrical products are checked for physical damage and tested by a quality control procedure before they are dispatched.

    Recommended curing times

    Gel-iT Top / Base Coat  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Colour Gel Polish  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Sculpture Gel  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Builder Gel  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Infinity Gel  60 Seconds per coat

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