Sun 5 UV/LED Combo Lamp


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White 48 Watt UV/LED Combo Lamp, suited to cure LED & UV based gel products. The product has a detachable base and a life expectancy is 50,000 hours. This lamp works on a timer button basis and timer display shows seconds counting down from time selected (10/ 30 / 60 Seconds). This product includes sensor timer activation and is ideally suited for Professional Nail Technicians. 

*Colour of the lamps may be subject to availability*

Please note that this product holds a 7 day warranty from the date of purchase!

    All electrical products are checked for physical damage and tested by a quality control procedure before they are dispatched.

    Recommended curing times

    Gel-iT Top / Base Coat  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Colour Gel Polish  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Sculpture Gel  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Builder Gel  60 Seconds per coat
    Gel-iT Infinity Gel  60 Seconds per coat

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