Portable Mini E-File


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  • Portable Lightweight Mini E-File in Rose Gold
  • Compared to the traditional bulky e-files, this pen size e-file is easy to work with and is compact aming it easier for mobile nail techs.
  • The product comes complete with a USB cable for easy charging via any USB charging devices including portable power banks.
  • The built-in rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to 2 hour operation time when fully charged.  
  • There is a bulit in LED light for use in low light conditions.
  • The product comes complete with a universal fitting ceramic e-file bit.
  • This powerful 12000RPM e-file is able to remove all gel colour.

Do not apply heavy pressure on the e-file when in rotation. Forced pressure will result in the bit stopping mid rotation this will cause damage to the shank /motor. These are light duty e-files perfect for removing gel polish colour and nail preparation. Continuous incorrect pressure will damage the file and can void the warranty.

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