Maskscara Teardrop Zebra File 100/180 (1pcs)


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High Quality and Longer Lasting Nail Files!

Tips for Use

  • The rule of thumb is that the higher the number grit of a file, the finer refined it is and the lower the number, the courser the grit.
  • Higher grits are intended for use of shaping of natural nails
  • Lower grits are intended for use of shaping hard nail extensions such of that as tips extensions, acrylic, builder gels and polymer gels.
  • 100/180 is the standard grit that is generally used.
  • For hygiene purposes, thorough cleaning with a sanitizing solution is recommended for all tools.
  • Knowledge of any funguses / infections / etc. that clients have must be disclosed as bacteria may still be transferred from client to client via tools, even after cleaning. Hence optimal hygiene standards would require you to only use one file per customer.

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