Dark Peach Pink UV Thick Colour Builder Gel


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Gel-iT Professional Dark Peach Pink UV Curable 3in1 Thick Consistency Colour Builder Gel. Maskscara Builder Gels are a Self-Levelling, Soak-Off / Buff-Off gel range, applied over a cured layer of Base Coat to ensure application longevity. This thick consistency hard gel that comes packaged in a pot and is applied; over natural nails, tips or using nail forms, with a gel brush. The thicker the application (i.e. the more layers added), the more opaque the colour will appear. Wipe the tacky residue away with cleanser (IPA) once curing is complete on the final layer. It is important to note that a burning sensation may occur during curing if client has damaged / sensitive nail beds and / or if the initial application is applied too thickly to the nail. Store in a cool area away from UV light presence.

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