The Ultimate Manicure Nailcare Guide

Hygiene and proper care have become almost consistent themes in everyday life since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s allowed many of us to relook at how we take care of our bodies, from our hair to our skin and even nail care. Our physical features have become a priority. And rightly so, because we know how much effective care can benefit us in the long run. But for many of us, we may feel uncertain about where to begin. 

In this blog post, we break down the most effective nail care tips for you to use. We promise you that it’s easy enough to do at home weekly and will have your nails in tip-top shape in no time. 

Lengthening Your Manicure

After spending an entire afternoon dedicated to perfecting your manicure, the last thing you want is smudged nails. A week into your new mani, chipped nails can leave you feeling frustrated with your efforts. Perfecting your manicure can seem tedious. Allowing them to properly dry after each coat can significantly affect how long your manicure lasts. 

Giving Your Nails Something Extra 

Utilising a nail oil between manicures can ensure your nail bed is supported. But you can take this a step further and ensure you apply cuticle cream or oil frequently. Both products will provide your nails with essential vitamins, keeping them happily moisturised and deter infections from settling in. 

Take Care Of Your Hands

We often forget how much stress our hands, fingers and nails undertake from menial tasks. By simply using rubber gloves when doing dishes or drying our hands thoroughly, we can preserve our manicures and keep our nails in excellent condition. 

Do Not Skimp 

People end up damaging their nails when they try to hastily remove nail polish incorrectly. That includes peeling nail polish off or using the incorrect products to quickly remove nail polish. Taking shortcuts can lead to you stripping your nail, leaving it bare and vulnerable to bacteria over time. 

There is no precise routine you have to follow for nail care. Rather putting in time and effort into prioritising their health to strengthen them. It is also key to remember that using low quality, inferior and sometimes cheap nail products for your manicures and pedicures can cause you more nail issues. Maskscara only supplies superior products for easy use and application. View our wide selection online today.