How To Grow Long, Healthy Nails

If you have ever looked down at your nails in frustration or even dismay, it may be because of their condition. Dry, weak, unsightly and brittle nails can be a bothersome annoyance that so many of us wish we didn’t have to deal with. It can become embarrassing, preventing you from even visiting your local nail salon to try and fix them. You may resort to giving yourself gel polish manicures at home more frequently, but weak nails can only be ignored for so long. Good skin, hair and nails can often feel almost aspirational, but healthy ones can be achieved with proper nailcare products and regular pamper sessions. 

Growing long, healthy nails takes a little effort and time. So what exactly does nailcare entail and can it fit into your busy schedule?  

Invest In Your Cuticle Oil 

Set aside a few minutes every day to oil your nails and watch as they start to grow stronger. Cuticle oil can seem like an unnecessary buy, but it can hydrate both the cuticle and nail bed. This is essential to regrowth and their health. Try our cuticle oil pens that come in a range of delightful scents. 

Throw Out Your Old Products 

Much like makeup, nail products often overstay their welcome in the back of our drawers. We forget that most products have an expiry date because they deteriorate after a certain period. By continuously using old products, you are likely to do more harm than good. 

Always Use A Base Coat 

Base coats act as a protective layer to your nails, so forgoing this step can make them more vulnerable to breaks. A base coat can strengthen the health of your nail by ensuring it is in good condition while wearing nail polish. 

Make Better Food Choices 

Eating a more wholesome diet can help to revive your nail beds and cuticles. Think green, leafy plates, lean proteins and plenty of water. An inclusive diet can do wonders for your overall nails, helping them to grow longer. 

Before spending more than you anticipated on specific and expensive nail treatments, consider implementing these tips into your schedule. We encourage our customers to focus on the health of their nails with easy changes because we know they work. 

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